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Tentang Kami

Vilandux merupakan group dari CV. Kompas Mahakam Kandangan (KMK), selaku penyedia jasa multi media serta jasa penerbitan dan advertising di Kalimantan Selatan. Kami berpengalaman dalam menggarap Edisi Khusus dan  Laporan Khusus (Lapsus) Hari Jadi Kabupaten/Kota, Liputan Khusus profil tokoh, Laporan khusus Milad Kesultanan Banjar dan pembuatan buku profil daerah, video profil Dinas Kesehatan, video profil DPPKAD serta produk  lainnya.

Our Process

Proses pengerjaan di dalam jasa  yang Kami tawarkan

We Organize

Organisation is very important in life, whether it be grouping your socks or creating a website, you need to draft your incredible ideas prior to execution. At mobo we are perfectionists, passionate about continuity and uniformity in regards to online marketing. Organisation can be detected in everything we do here at mobo HQ.

We Plan

By planning your web design, branding and SEO strategies we can measure the outcome of the online marketing efforts. With websites being a powerful tool to generate income a well designed website is an investment worth making. As they say, time is a virtue, but so is a great web designer.

We Execute

The execution of our work is very important to us, doing all we can to raise the profile of our client’s business. From working within their timeframes and budget to our offering of unique, out-of-the box design ideas, our customers are always overjoyed by the execution of our work.

We Deliver

Delivering a bespoke service is where our love for web design lays, seeing our clients reap the benefits of a streamlined, modern website. If you would like to speak to one our of web design specialists then please get in touch today and learn how we can reinvent your company’s image.

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